Anil de Mello’s Rocketboom problem (Or the old media skill that’s not going away)

I like Anil de Mello.

He has vision.

While most of the internet was focusing on building blog networks Anil decided to build a video network.

His MoBuzz daily video show is in English and Spanish (with rumors of another on the way.) It’s available in every form imaginable (even psp!) everyday.

How successful has Anil been?

mobuzz click image for full size

The chart above compares the traffic for the past 3 months (via Alexa with MoBuzz in blue) with the gold standard Rocketboom (red on chart). Not bad.

But Anil has a problem.

A problem big enough to threaten the entire MoBuzz brand.

It’s also one Andrew Baron, the producer of Rocketboom, has faced before.

On Friday, June 15th of this year, Karina Stenquist left MoBuzz to “read books” (among other things.)

Karina was the face for the English version of the show.

Just like Amanda Congdon represented the brand for Rocketboom, Karina was the brand for MoBuzz.

She helped create what is now the ubiquitous online video chick. Cute. Geeky. Smart. Funny.

Just like the fans took to Amanda, the MoBuzz crowd took to Karina.

But unlike the way Andrew was able to keep Rocketboom plugging along, Anil’s english version of MoBuzz went into a tailspin.

His new host, which was introduced on Karina’s last broadcast, didn’t jell with viewers.

She left.

That left the show without a host.

Which meant no new shows.

A quick look at the comments gives the a taste of the frustration level among viewers. There hasn’t been a new show in almost two weeks and the viewers are getting restless.

One of the problems, of course, is that the the MoBuzz shows are shot in Madrid, Spain. It’s hard enough finding cute, smart, funny, tech savvy hosts in the US.

Trying to find english speaking ones in Madrid is even harder.

Anil pointed out as much in an email response to me in regards to the future of his network.

Anil also told me that the new host will debut on Monday. Unfortunately, he told his audience the same thing two weeks ago.

The web buzz is that he does have a new host this time and her name is Osiris.

Hopefully she can save the English version of the promising network.

Despite all the skills this new media age is destroying, Talent Management is not one of them.

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10 Comments on “Anil de Mello’s Rocketboom problem (Or the old media skill that’s not going away)”

  1. Something I knew nothing about. Great find!

  2. Oh, and you’re right. Making a videoblog is more than just making videoblog!

  3. Erik Says:

    Welcome back.

    You’ve been missed.

  4. […] Anil de Mello’s Rocketboom problem (Or the old media skill that’s not going away) [image] I like Anil de Mello. He has vision. While most of the internet was focusing on building blog networks Anil […] […]

  5. range Says:

    They all run into problems once money gets involved. Big sums of money are always a problem.

  6. Peter Stone Says:

    Unfortunately if Mobuzz had practiced what most companies would consider to be ethical and professional business practice Susan would not have left. After presenting for National and International broadcasters one could logically assume it would take more than a few misguided comments from the mostly pubescent Mobuzz audience to provoke Susan to leave! Then lets factor in the heavy doctoring of Mobuzz’ forum in order to propagate the myth that Susan was not popular – in order to put a spin on their own shortcomings. Pretty much all postings supporting Susan have been taken down by Mobuzz and if people had been following the show when Susan was presenting it, they would have witnessed around 80% of the comments being pro-Susan. In fact this won’t hold up for much longer – especially in lieu of the amount of other work offers Susan has had and indeed with the commencement of a new show she will be presenting very shortly. As Anil himself admitted they now have difficulty finding a new presenter – who may well have to move country – something they were woefully unprepared for when Susan arrived. Also lets not lose fact of the reasons Karina left in the first place. When I spoke to her in Madrid she expressed complete dissatisfaction with Anil and some of the backroom staff regarding their unprofessional approach. Meanwhile Anil maintained he had to get rid of Karina due to dramatically falling viewing figures (English version) since Jan 07. I think Karina’s pretty bright, I think Susan’s pretty bright.. Mobuzz still have no presenter…… you do the math?!

  7. Adam Says:

    Karina was great. She made the show what it was. Susan was the worst presenter possible. I hated her and stopped watching completly when she was presenting. She couldn’t read the prompter properly without gasping for air and pausing in all the wrong times of a sentence. Her accent was very thick and her smile very fake and painful to watch. I hope she never gets a job in the media world, she is better equiped for a desk job. I can’t imagine that 80% of the comments about her were positive. Thats a blatant lie. More like 80% were against her. Good riddance… I hope they find someone like Karina again… Just my $ 0.02.

  8. Jeanie Says:

    Finally, I found out what happened to one of my favorite presenters, Katrina. Thanks Chartreuse/ When Susan took over, I hated the Microsoft commercials that began each show and let’s face it Susan had some big shoes to fill. I watched Katrina for over a year and a half. I enjoyed the subjects she brought to the show and the wit and sarcasm were refreshing. I like Olivia. Today, she let a little of her science geek slip (Beagle II). This job takes more than just a pretty face. I takes someone who is part geek to talk to the rest of us. Thankfully MoBuzzTV has returned with the daily posts.

  9. mdhatter Says:

    i checked in on Mobuzz daily during the blackout between presenters, hoping for something good to happen. I have to disagree with Peter Stone above as far as the pro/con ratio of comments. The only comments I ever saw come down were somewhat inappropriate and reeked of dirty laundry. I cannot say I saw a single pro-anything comment removed, but certainly anti-social, obnoxious, and anti-mobuzz messages were picked off. Many of the ones I saw come down were complaining about other messages being taken down, and seemed to be one or two people with some personal sour grapes.

    I still watch mobuzz, and the politics behind the scenes are about as interesting as watching paint dry. Fortunately the new hostess is talented, and speaks the Queens English.

    • Peter Stone Says:

      Mobuzz. I take no pleasure in anyone’s misfortunes – but I saw first hand what was happening at Mobuzz in 07 and I’m afraid this demise was inevitable. The only question remaining is, did Anil REALLY give everybody’s donations back? Do some investigating – it’s quite revealing – here’s one to start you off: – check out the comments
      This would appear to be consistent with my experience of the way Mr DeMello chooses to run his affairs. Everything I said in my earlier post was completely accurate.

      Goodbye and Good Riddance.

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