Weekend Media Diversions

In case you haven’t checked it out yet. Here’s the link to BoingBoingTV. Xeni looks like she belongs in an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing…Anyway, you can also watch it on Virgin planes, too (if your the type of person to support a company which exploits highschoolers.)


Kanye West has a blog. Really.

Speaking of video. Oh Word has another one.

CNET has an interesting post on why the RIAA won their case. The real reason is that record labels have a deal with the devil. Def Leppard’s multi-million selling album (Hysteria) didn’t earn any money for the band (recoup) till after it sold 3 million copies. Let’s quickly do the math. @ a retail cost of 12 bucks (it came out in the ’80’s right?) that means the record company claimed they spent 36 million dollars recording and pressing the album.

But of course real record labels aren’t the only music problem.


Ginuwine  says he was duped into signing a contract with a record company that doesn’t exist.


Well here are some Ginuwine videos to watch. Obviously, no one will sue you for watching them…

Now aren’t you happy you have no singing talent?

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3 Comments on “Weekend Media Diversions”

  1. please…I have singing talent

  2. chartreuse Says:

    of course you do, Howard…of course you do. 🙂

  3. anne17 Says:


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