Selective Objectivity And Slight Hypocriscy (BoingBoing Edition)

So maybe stepping away from all you tech guys has thrown me out of focus but wtf is going on here?

So Arrington defends Rivera’s site after it was barely slighted in an interview.

I thought the interesting part was that Arrington used the slight as the focus of the his post. It’s an open secret that Arrington and Rivera have been friends for a long time so I thought it kinda showed the typical Arrington objectivity.

The fact that Ingram also saw it as a slight too really surprised me (though I dug [ha!] the stop digging line at the end of his post.)

The real problem is that it’s kinda obvious that the new Technorati CEO has no plan.

That’s too bad because I liked the site (though I haven’t visited it in months).

We all know what they need to do. Unfortunately Technorati seems like one of those bands that refuses to play the hits after the fans paid 50 bones for a ticket.

Note: No one wants to hear your new stuff if they can’t hear the old stuff,too.

If the original reason I went to your site is all beat up and broken don’t go handing me a some new doodad you’ve made. Fix the old shit first.


And another thing that’s really bugging me is the fact that everyone seems to give Boing Boing a free pass on it’s deal with Branson’s Virgin America Airline.

Now I love Boing Boing too, but one of Branson’s companies is in a court battle with a significant part of the online community. His company has showed, what some have called, blatant disrespect to the artistic internet community (whom Boing Boing serves) and not even Valleywag notes the tinge of hypocrisy.

Man, you guys are slipping…

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13 Comments on “Selective Objectivity And Slight Hypocriscy (BoingBoing Edition)”

  1. adam coles Says:

    That’s the Char I love! Fighting for the people!
    I can’t be the only one who finds BBTV boring!!

  2. Gabe Says:

    TechCrunch wasn’t even the first to post about that quote. This guy was: Remarkably, LastPostcast and I are not friends… 🙂

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Gabe, you’re friends with everybody!
    My problem (if you want to call it that) is that the ‘insult’ barely registered. Remember when folks really knew how to throw around putdowns? 🙂

    The new Technorati CEO has a bunch of other stuff to be taken to task about. The man’s house is on fire and folks are complaining that his shoe might not be tied!

    And don’t even get me started on Boing Boing…. 🙂

  4. Gabe Says:

    Well, at least two other bloggers said they noticed the “little” (HipMojo, Mathew Ingram). My point isn’t that I’m insulted or need defense, my point is that the remark is definitely fair game for blogging.

    BTW, Mike’s noticed subtler wording choices from Technorati CEOs in the past. Check out the title in this post:

    I love when he does that. Part of why blogs beat MSM…

  5. chartreuse Says:

    Of course it’s fair game.

    But I wasn’t expecting the top Techmeme story (at the time) to be so inane. (And isn’t inane my beat!)

    As I stated in the beginning I’m a bit out of focus.

    Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of bed!

    Mike’s abilty to find news like that is a major part of TechCruch’s charm. It can also be frustrating. I don’t expect anything written to be unbiased. But if you have a horse in the race it might be cool to let the readers know…

  6. Gabe Says:

    Uh, what do you mean by “horse in the race”? You know, I hung out with you in 2006 about as much I’ve hung out with Mike in 2007. Please let your readers know this. 🙂

  7. chartreuse Says:

    duly noted. 🙂

    To be honest I agree with the people who don’t really see the ‘either/or’ between you and the Technorati folks. You both do different things. You’re an influential niche while they are a freaking department store. Not everyone wants to buy their clothes Sears.

    Of course you could have something big planned you haven’t told me about… 🙂

    (That readers, is called a leading statement, it’s purpose is to get YOU thinking about what’s REALLY going on. Stay tuned. 🙂 )

    And thanks Gabe for playing along!

  8. Caroline B. Says:

    Gabe owns tech and politics. To follow your analogy to the end, didn’t Sears go chapter 11 a few years ago?

  9. Terry C. Says:

    The fact that people feel comfortable having a public dialog with you is what makes you special Char. It’s a gift.

    Gabe, are you taking audience questions? If so, How does someone get their blog into your obviously complicated algorythm? I have a blog (which I won’t link to) that writes about tech topics but I have never got any love…

  10. Gabe Says:

    Hey, I’m not claiming anything about Technorati’s utility, so happily, I have nothing to account for. My only remark was in response to Brian Solis’s question, and is sorta in line with what you said Char:

    Terry, get other bloggers to link to you! Writing a really sharp analysis piece and then emailing bloggers about it is one way to do this…

  11. Terry C. Says:

    Thanks Gabe!
    Char, link to me you bastard!

  12. […] not defending Techmeme to get onto Gabe Rivera’s good side. He has already publicly said that I am not his friend. Technorati tags: techmeme leaderboard, techmeme, gabe rivera — Related Posts […]

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