Old White Men Make A Move For The Basket



So MSNBC bought Newsvine.

We don’t know exactly how much (give us another 24 hours) but they did pay something.

 Howard was right, the market isn’t really as bad as Kramer said.

There’s still hope for all those guys who spent the last few years building stuff to be bought (They say Mike D wasn’t looking to sell out. On his blog he says he did it for the ‘global impact’.)

I like Newsvine.

There are a bunch of mutherfuckers there (citizen journalists) who really like the fact they are part of a paying site that kinda sticks the MSM in the eye.

They also have some interesting comments on the hoopla.

A congrats should go out to Davidson. The site was a great idea.

Giving power to the people is always a great model.

The internet is growing up.

But the new boss looks familiar.

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10 Comments on “Old White Men Make A Move For The Basket”

  1. new boss…same as the old boss…hmm and springsteen is 58 and on 60 minutes tonight.

    also – thats Jim Cramer with a C. you picked the Kramer that hates YOU 🙂

  2. Cindy Says:

    Char, lately you have been the thorn in the side of everyone’s good times. You bash Boing Boing TV for selling out now you subtly attack Newsvine.

    Keep it up!

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Howard, thanks for pointing that out. You gave me good laugh this morning. I think I’ll leave it. It’s funny.

    Cindy, I’m not trying to be purposely difficult. I’m just paying attention. So should everyone.

  4. FrankieSays Says:

    You are the best headline writer by far. 🙂

  5. Hugh M Says:

    Mr. Idealist.

    Nice sentiments.

    But your time has past.

    The internet is the biggest ocean so expect the biggest sharks to run it.

    (Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to put pictures in my comment!)

  6. chartreuse Says:

    Hugh, are you mocking me?!?!

    Cool! 🙂

    You’re always welcome here!

  7. hughs comments are right on.

  8. Terry C. Says:

    I think that selling out has become a part of the culture. It’s expected. It’s also sad.

  9. range Says:

    If they think that being bought out by MSNBC won’t change anything, they are on crack! I liked Newsvine as well, but left it a year ago.

  10. I ‘discovered’ your writing this morning on a search for record labels and have spent a while digesting some of the posts. very interesting, informative and enjoyable even though I find myself disagreeing with your viewpoint.

    I was born, raised and still live in London so things like Newsvine mean nothing to me but universal concepts such as Time, Global Impact, Business, Now, Tomorrow, Selling out etc are great points for debate and I will endeavour to throw my hat in the ring as soon as ‘time’ permits.

    who is the ‘new boss’ by the way?

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