Creatures Of Now (Or what slapping ads on web pages is not)


I was missing my girlfriend so I stole my Dad’s Gold American Express card , took the bus to Avis and rented a Mustang Convertible.


I then picked up my best friend Hank and my brother Travis and took them with me on a 600 mile trip from New Orleans to Tampa to see my then obsession, Monica Adrianna Bermudez.

On the way we stopped at Tower records and purchased (again with my Dad’s Amex) a couple hundred dollars worth of CDs.

One of them had the song of that summer “She Drives Me Crazy” which my brother put on repeat for most of the trip.

I still smile whenever I hear that song.

Of course road trips are only a tactic never a strategy.


The woman I thought was worth the wrath of my Dad didn’t live up to billing (neither did I).We eventually got married and divorced.

My brother ended up living in Switzerland.

My best friend Hank died by running into a tree after leaving a bar 3 sheets to the wind.

By the time Hank died I was on my second wife.

I took my mistress to the funeral.

On the saddest moment of my life Hank’s mother pulled me to the side after the funeral and (after giving the chick I bought with me a cutting glance) lamented the fact that her son and I were “creatures of now.”

I didn’t get what she meant till after my second divorce (which is also like a death,btw!)

Most people, especially in this industry, are Creatures of Now:

What’s the latest trend? What’s such and such company is doing? Does it have any traction?

I spend time these days working with small start ups and talking to people about their businesses. One of the things I’ve noticed is that most don’t have a strategy.

Oh, they think they do!

But getting a huge audience and slapping ads on webpages is not a strategy.

It’s a tactic, and not even a very good one.

Paying too much attention to your competitors and doing what they do isn’t a strategy either.

We all have the same information (or can get it.) We all see the same institutional collapse and the same powershifts. But if you make moves based on reactions instead of vision you always lose.

Hank’s mom forced me to look at where I was going.

Most people treat there business like I was treating my life, like a big improvisation with some ill defined goal at the end.

That’s no a way to run a business, or a life.

I never paid my Dad back for that Amex bill.

I couldn’t anyway.

The trip was priceless.

But I did learn that if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll just end up someplace else.

Your company, no matter the size, has to have some defined vision.

You have to know what you’re trying to accomplish and know when you have reached that point. If not all your work is just a job and let’s face it, you can get a job anywhere.

Here’s a fairly big secret.

The reality is that the now doesn’t even matter.

A well hyped song is no where near as important as a great song.

A great productwith a small loyal audience is wwaayy more important than a product everyone knows about but ends up being crap.

In today’s age of abundance the good has a way of rising no matter what. Even it wasn’t endorsed by the star of the moment.

Being stuck in the moment isn’t always a good thing.

Road trips are a great tactic.

But awful strategies.

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11 Comments on “Creatures Of Now (Or what slapping ads on web pages is not)”

  1. Thats so funny…I think I still have your amex.

  2. great post by the way.

  3. […] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  4. raising money is also a great tactic which is what web 2.0 is really all about. connections and code.

    the web beyond are those companies with good marketing strategies for adoption.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    and give me my Amex back!

  6. surya Says:

    great post. i love your writing style, and love these little nuggets of wisdom 🙂

  7. David Lewis Says:

    Great Story! You’re Dad must have been pissed!

  8. Tina W. Says:

    More proof you have been an asshole you’re entire life. If you were my son you would have been arrested!

  9. MaybeI Says:

    Great post.
    We all get caught up in the excitement of now instead of focusing on creating great products.
    Pay your Dad back!

  10. Linda Says:

    Glad you’re back. I missed the sex! 🙂

  11. range Says:

    Great story, I never did anything like that. I just moved to Taiwan.

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