Protecting The Environment: What’s In It For You? (Or Chartreuse Went To Blog Action Day And All He Gave Me Were Pictures)

We all have to start taking personal responsibility for the enviroment.

Since today is Blog Action Day I thought I would add to the discussion by showing some photos of trees.


Top 5 Reasons You Should Treat The Environment Well

Want To Save The Environment? Buy Less Stuff

How Tiny Actions Can Save The World

Beauty is everywhere.

Let’s stop fucking it up.


[this post is for Blog Action Day]

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5 Comments on “Protecting The Environment: What’s In It For You? (Or Chartreuse Went To Blog Action Day And All He Gave Me Were Pictures)”

  1. Brian Clark Says:

    When I grow up, I hope to be able to express this much without using 1,200 words.

    Until then, we’ve got you. 🙂

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks, bro! But I think that history will remember me more for my curse words.

    Actually the post you wrote is what moved me to do this one. I was gonna skip the environmental cause to write about torrents. But then I read your post and got inspired (even if it was almost 1200 words!). 🙂

  3. tradermike Says:

    I like that second tree

  4. GretToe Says:

    I like all the trees! Nice post.

  5. kassie Says:

    this is so true. why are we so destructive? I grew up playing outside, climbing trees, playing in gardens – lets stop destroying it all. Its to beautiful not to appreciate it.

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