Morning Link Dump (Almost Famous Edition)

Like you, I didn’t watch Amanda much on ABC. (The shows are still up if you want to check them out) But this recently released outtake is pretty funny. On a related note, Drew Carey, of The Price Is Right, is involved in an edgy video project as well. 

brian clark

This guy thinks you are smarter than everybody else and wants you to profit from it

The best movie you didn’t see last weekend.

The past lives of bloggers.

Like you, I get hundreds of emails a day for several email addresses. All the email clients piss me off. Word onthe techmeme is that this problem may soon be solved. I say Not.Soon.Enough.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. A look at how Baby Boomer control what we Gen Xers eat.

Another Howard Stern Interview gone awry.

And in keeping with our theme, here’s some music from a rap group you never heard of.

Side Hustle

 [reloaded: o.k. so i messed up uploading the amanda vid. sorry. you can view it here!]

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2 Comments on “Morning Link Dump (Almost Famous Edition)”

  1. Anthony Says:

    chartreuse. Welcome back.

    Long time reader old time commenter,

    I’ve got around the multiple email clients and multiple address mess by setting up forwarders for each account to go to my Gmail account. Then in Gmail go to settings, accounts and add another email address. Done.

    I have 14 in there right now and saves me hours a week from not having to log in and out of web mail on every server or going into outlook. Though desperately need Google to learn about folders or tags.

    Another up’n’coming email client is Litepost. Have been waiting so long for it to go live. But it has a sexy looking interface so i’ll wait.

  2. range Says:

    I use multiple accounts as well and forward them all to a single gmail account. It makes things easier.

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