The Difference Between Noise And Buzz (Or Why I Can’t Hear You)


There’s a big difference between noise and buzz.

Some people seem to get them confused so I thought I would clear it up.


When I talk about Facebook it’s noise.


Because I don’t use Facebook.

I joined last week and have two friends. I got an obscene phone call from Loren Feldman asking me if I was alright because he got a desperate friend request from me when Facebook highjacked my email account.


I am noise.

Real buzz can only come from users of a said product. Passionate users, not the opinion rabblerousers.

Here’s another example.

A few years ago myself and others were talking about how the music business needs to change.

More noise.

 It was only after people really involved in the space started making changes and asking questions that a true buzz started that is now forcing the labels to change.

Now noise makers can create buzz.

The change agents can hear the noise and start paying attention.

But until a band like Radiohead or a person like Trent Renzor or someone else with real influence in the space, decides to act or even to just start talking about alternatives do you have a real buzz going.

So nothing is wrong with being a noisemaker (it’s my stock and trade) but don’t confuse yourself with a bee.

That’s just noise.

Got it?


[reloaded: oops. I do have more than 2 Facebook friends. I think the fact I didn’t know that says a lot!]

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4 Comments on “The Difference Between Noise And Buzz (Or Why I Can’t Hear You)”

  1. Stanley Says:

    Way to put us in our place!

    I don’t know if I agree with it completely though. I think the noise causes the changes meaning we bloggers are the real buzzmakers.

    Great post though.

  2. JD Says:

    I agree about the “noise” that Facebook generates. I like blogging, and love reading the thoughts of people like you, I may program a Facebook application to go live, the day my death certificate is posted.

    Let everyone contact me then, even the Taxman hehehe

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  4. sherry bush Says:

    why i can’t hear the buzz noise when someone buzz to me on yahoo messenger,it shacks but no buzz.

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