Quick Friday Links (Let’s Go Crazy Edition)


Let’s go crazy.

I know the writer’s strike is the big news, but the real interesting negotiations are the ones going on between Prince and his fans.

Prince, after sending cease and desist letters to fan sites, gave them an ‘exclusive’ unreleased song. Not all fans are happy and are accusing sites which promote it of selling out.

Prince and his major fan sites are now in negotiations.

Umair is on a roll.

Let me be the first to say that Apple is blowing it. A falling star. Anyone who joins forces with Ticketmasterjeez. (see Umair about Facebook and notice the parallels.)

Matt speaks.

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One Comment on “Quick Friday Links (Let’s Go Crazy Edition)”

  1. AdamD Says:

    Good stuff. Don’t control, strongarm, coerce, and certainly don’t get in bed with Ticketmaster. I dg it.

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