“I don’t judge you for having those thighs. I judge you for having those thighs and wearing those shorts” And other favorite tweets


sometimes a little distress is good for you

howardlindzon The market hit people in the balls today. We are either at the end of the world, or on the way 🙂
Jeffrey Zeldman
zeldman “Nice butt,” she said, as I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees. Suddenly I understood feminism.
Jeffrey Zeldman
zeldman Being blonde seems like you’re just a little too happy about being white.
Liza Sabater
blogdiva Just saw a sign that said “you had me at Obama”
David Cohn
Digidave “Community organizing IS media.”
Mickipedia Oprah is on Dr. Phil. Is this the singularity?
Jeffrey Zeldman
zeldman I don’t judge you for having those thighs. I judge you for having those thighs and wearing those shorts.
Robert Bruce
robertbruce The city was a junkyard of idols. – Peterson
irina slutsky
irinaslutsky what i learned from years of watching “forensic files” = if u need 2 write a “if i die its his fault” letter, get a divorce and run!
calinative My date is late. He better get right or get left.
kareem “social media consultant” is the “webmaster” of the 21st century (so true): http://tinyurl.com/5689ou
Jason Anderson
jasonanderson Maintaining focus is the most valuable skill you can have. Especially with internet mkting. Not html, not graphics, but focus & delgation
Marleaux Nichelle
Marleaux Dude selling t-shirts outside of Roscoe’s: “Obama Obama; Tell a friend, Tell you momma; He gon stop all the drama; Might even find Osama…”
Lee Stranahan
Stranahan BREAKING: Scoble to acquire Calacanis after sudden merger of Rose, Dvorak, Kawasaki & Laporte. Twitter users now only need follow 3 people
Brian Clark
copyblogger Please pick one: (a) Coldplay is the most overrated band ever (b) Coldplay is terrible (c) Coldplay should be jailed for musical treason
rafikam Facebook says 6 of my friends just became fans of Tim Russert. Talk about lousy timing!
Kevin Marks
kevinmarks Supernova: Joe Kraus: social is the new black, but most of the killer apps – email, chat, blogging, flickr have been social
globeandmail Halifax brush fires force evacuations: About 3,000 people out of their homes as fire near Halifax st.. http://tinyurl.com/6lkqya
David Cohn
Digidave The content is not what conversation is about, just like coffee isn’t what matters when going out for coffee with friends.
rafikam It was so easy for me to become a Mets fan as an 8 year old in ’85. Next time I should shop around before making that kind of decision.

I’ll be working on getting a life.

p.s.: if you’re at BlogWorldExpo this weekend and want to drink or talk or just laugh at how serious this blogging shit has gotten DM me: @chartreuseb

I’m on some Panel Sunday afternoon.  Feel free to miss the NFL games and join me. I promise to force the panel to end before halftime.

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3 Comments on ““I don’t judge you for having those thighs. I judge you for having those thighs and wearing those shorts” And other favorite tweets”

  1. terry c Says:

    That was funny. I never use that feature. Read my DM buddy!

  2. rafi Says:

    I love that 2nd to last one.

  3. Haha – good ones. I love how Twitter forces people to be economic with their words. Some funny tweets I received recently:

    @Alexa : Chrome reminds me of sex in college. Everyone’s talking about it…everyone’s doing it…Mac Geeks want it, but can’t get it…

    @vimoh : Friend (girl) said to me, “I look fat.” I replied, “Oh please. There are fatter people.” I do not think that was the right thing to say.

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