When It All Goes Wrong Again…

The good thing about bad things is that it makes us appreciate the best things.

Like surpluses.


A girlfriend that isn’t throwing things at your head.

This is not your father’s lifetime.

Things are different now.

The most important thing in the world besides Stacey Dash’s comeback is transparency.

When people talk about what really makes things different today, that’s what it is.

Secret recipes are not 21st century.

We know everything. Really.

And if we don’t we can find out.

Everyone knows how to get cheap airline rates.

We have video from inside KFC’s slaughterhouses.

The only problem with so much transparency.

is that sometimes people have a tendency to look right through you.

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4 Comments on “When It All Goes Wrong Again…”

  1. Daniel Edlen Says:

    I literally hear a “Bam!” in my head at the end of your posts. Maybe I should have that checked…

    Beautifully set up and said.

  2. Ferris Says:

    Another good one. Are you hanging around? You’re like one of those difficult directors!

  3. chartreuse Says:

    thanks for the kind words.
    “Bam!” is good.

  4. This is somthing I have been looking for a long time. Thanks!!!

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