The Layman’s Guide To The End Of The World (part one)

In case you didn’t get the memo, the world as you knew it is over.

The future is going to be bold and bright but right now, the transition, is going to be a bitch.

So here’s a pocket guide, (suitable for cellphones and ipods) to get you through the real economic mess.

This Is The First Day Of Your Life

Though it will seem counter-intuitive it’s important that you forget what you know.

Experience is a waste.

No one cares how you used to do things because the way we used to do things don’t work.

The financial system is just one of a long and growing list of things we have to rebuild with a complete open mind. Ask Irving Azoff.

Start looking at the world the same way you see it when a pretty girl you’ve never seen before (in your favorite fuck-you pumps) walks into the room.

You feel wide open with possibilities.

It feels like hope.

You Are Too Small To Fail

My friend Howard Lindzon coined a phrase a few days ago that should be a mantra to the future. “You are too small to fail.

That whole ‘thinking big’ crap is so late 20th century.

Build your shit so that it can’t fail.

Why is someone like Loren Feldman thriving with fucking puppets despite being vilified more than praised?

Because he’s too fucking small to fail.

Your job now is to build your life in such a way that you’re too small to fail.

Think smaller, not bigger.

One of the better (and probable) explanations of the future is written here.

It looks bleak.

But that’s not the end game.

The end game is cheap energy, more freedom, less poverty and more opportunity.

It’s more Rihanna songs. And more Buckminster Fuller.

And less fear and more good.

The truth is, no one is walking out of this mess clean.

When the dust finally settles you probably won’t end up rich.

But if you play your cards right you may just end up happier.

And that ain’t a bad trade for a little turbulance.

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14 Comments on “The Layman’s Guide To The End Of The World (part one)”

  1. Rock on! We’re all going for a ride.

    I can dig it.

  2. Daniel Edlen Says:

    Holy fuck, man! Brilliant. My wife and I were just talking about this scenario this morning. She said that for the past coupla years, big business was just feeding the greed that was enabled by the stupifying explosion in available credit and fake value. The adjustment in perceived value was inevitable. I love your follow-through though to probable destruction of the financial infrastructure allowing for GOOD change and ideas to become established, real value created and LIFE LIVED.


  3. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks guys, appreciate it!

  4. CoCreatr Says:

    My seatbelt is on, go relase the brakes, full throttle and stay the course.
    Clear concise message, great photos and thank you for the selected links.
    Google Paul Grignon’s 47-minute animated presentation of “Money as Debt”
    Or see what Corporation 20/20 stands for.

  5. Ferris Says:

    Another great post. Anyone who can mix links to Umair, Seth and Rihanna and make them all relevent is amazing. And I LOVE the pictures.

  6. jessicadoyle Says:

    First watch ZEITGEIST the movie released in 2007.

    Then watch ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM released earlier this month.

    I have hope as do many other creative folks.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    I don’t know how much I agree with some of the stuff in the movies but they did make me think. Plus if Jessica says to see something then we should!
    You can watch them online here:

  8. Jecklin Says:

    Agreed. This is something I’ve felt in my blood since I was in middle school, although then I put it in a religious context because it was felt so deep-in-the-soul that I didn’t know how else to process it.

    I’ve intentionally built my life around “small” thinking, even though I’ve fallen for the glitter now and again.

    It is right to see this as liberating. We’ve been given an opportunity to rethink, but it seems like most aren’t willing to do that quite yet. My take is: get a head-start, because before you know it, you’re going to be forced to, or worse yet, the Others will be doing it for you–and it isn’t guaranteed that they have your best interest at heart.

    Sorry, you got me going.

  9. jessicadoyle Says:

    I think that is the point of both movies; to make one think about what is going on now and about what could happen if things continue to progress in the same way they are now.

  10. […] of the world changing Prince Campbell has a great article on the world changing from a few days […]

  11. jessicadoyle Says:

    We all fall for the glitter Jecklin. We are human. I watched the hour last; a Canadian talk show and on it David Suzuki was being interviewed by George Stombolopolis, the host.

    They were talking about how if he, David, veers off the path of save the earth consciousness even for a second he is chastised by both the media and the individual. Case in point he bought a pair of underwear from the Gap beacuse he had run out of underwear while on a trip. It made headlines. Haha!

    I like being small and this post Chartreuse made me smile 🙂 It’s nice to see you writing more frequently again.

  12. Great site…loved this way of looking at how the world is going. My friend sent me over here, I’ll be back for more.

  13. […] I’m going to check this one out.. but I actually enjoyed this post (and his previous post The Layman’s Guide to the End of the World (part one)) so much that I sent both of them to my team at […]

  14. […] Christopher’s email made me think of Knife Gun Pen’s poem, The Four Hundred Hour Workweek and then of Chartreuse’s blog post, The Laymans guide to the End of the World Part One. […]

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