hustle and flow (Or making sure your business survives the recession)

There has always been a certain hustle and flow to the economy.

Guys buy cigarettes for $20 a carton in Indiana and sell them for $7 a pack in nyc.

The end around economy is nothing new to the real streets.

But now it’s become legitimate.

Can’t get a loan from a bank?

Do an end around with Prosper.

Can’t afford that Infiniti G35 you leased last year.

Do an end around through Swapalease.

Can’t get the local news to cover the town dump issue?

Do an end around with a blog or even get some investigators with

As people get tired of the static, noise and red tape associated with doing business with you they’ll find a way to get around, with an end around.

If you run any business that plans on surviving through the current recession it’s imperative you do everything you can to make your product or service end around proof.

There’s even a movie about it. You can download it here.

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2 Comments on “hustle and flow (Or making sure your business survives the recession)”

  1. LG Says:

    Inez is hot. They need her on CNN! Oh, and everything starts on the street.

  2. candice Says:

    That first picture makes me miss smoking.

    In college in upstate NY, I would return home for Christmas with orders for cartons from friends, stock up in Mississippi and bring them back…

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