Fat Asian Girls, The Importance Of Being The Dumbest Person In The Room And Other Random Mid-December Thought Remixes


For months I’ve been wanting to write about what entrepreneurs can learn from terrorists. The whole idea of attacking the weak point in large systems, taking advantage of common technologies and having a completely flat organization. But after Mumbia I don’t think I will.

Beyonce’s new album has a song on it called ‘Halo” that’s awesome. That got me thinking about how sooo much more popular she is than Jay-Z.

Speaking of music, I suggest you bother Thaddeus Clark to get a download of Side Hustle’s album. I missed the release party but the album is still on my itouch.  It’s that good.

One of the stupidest complaints I heard in the tech world this month was about the African-American browser some folks created. Many thought it was racist. Actually it’s the future. If you ain’t got a niche you ain’t got nothing. The best way to make money today is to be as focused as possible. Ever heard of Uptown Magazine? They’re thriving. Wanna make money? Create great niche products for individuals. Ask the porn industry.


My favorite blogs this year? one , twothree ,  in no particular order. There were other great ones of course. But those always make me feel smarter than those who don’t read them.

Every time I hear about something Howard Lindzon is doing, I smile.

My best investments this year was the $200 I spent on Obama’s campaign and the $220 I spent on my XBOX 360. I know everyone hates Microsoft but my XBOX continues to impress me. And I hardly play games on it! We’ll see on Obama’s longterm value.

The new “ipod tax” should be called a ‘sucker’s tax’. Who doesn’t get their media from bittorrent sites, yet?

I have a book coming out the end of  next month. I’m shocked by the number of pre-orders (especially since it’s such a specialized topic) but I think it’s because of my co-author.

“Always be the dumbest guy in the room. At least you’ll learn something.”

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8 Comments on “Fat Asian Girls, The Importance Of Being The Dumbest Person In The Room And Other Random Mid-December Thought Remixes”

  1. Dominic Rivera Says:

    You should play Halo 3…

    Congrats on the book

  2. Trina Says:

    Will the book have pictures? 🙂

  3. Alice Dickerson Says:

    I saw one of Michel Moore’s book in my daughter’s room and decided to read it. It was filled with violence, cursing and sex. I can see how you two would get along!
    Good luck with it!
    And you are wrong about that Beyonce Album. It’s garbage. You’re losing your ears in your old age!

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks for the kind words but Alice, when have I every shown an inclination toward violence? Actually the book is for writers who are interested in self-publishing.

    There isn’t much sex in it, either.

  5. Rob Fields Says:

    Congrats on the book, Prince. As for your co-author, i think it’s hilarious that one of her books is “Bitch, I’m from the D”. As someone who’s married to a woman from Detroit, that title makes me smile.

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  7. […] Who says print magazines are dead? You just have to find the right niche, like Uptown has. [Belatedly, on Saturday: I forgot to give the appropriate hat-tip to Chartreuse.] […]

  8. Young Teen Lesbians…

    Okay, okay, you say, so what? So what if the guy is a real phony? “ His” “ work” makes people happy. My take, after seeing this work again and again, not“ his” “ work” BUT the famous folks in“ his” “ work” or the ones he stole from make people happy. M…

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