The Break Of Gone (or how to stop being a crash test dummy)

My first wife asked me to marry her.

I worked at a radio station and was trying to open a nightclub.

I was busy.

And the rest of my life wasn’t on my mind.

What was on my mind was work. Building stuff.

But she told me something that convinced me.

“Prince, marry me. I’ll support you in whatever you want to do. Build your windmills and know I have your back.”

2 months after the wedding I remember lying in bed next to my beautiful wife. I could see the sun rising through the cheap curtains. The day felt perfect.

I turned to my new bride and said how we should take the day off and enjoy a perfect Louisiana day.

She cursed me out and screamed about the bills.

I will never forget lying there with that perfect sunrise beaming on her face and my then wife complaining.

It took 4 more years but I knew our relationship was really over at that moment.

But this post is not about ex-wives.

It’s about knowing when things are dead.

A lot people, unfortunately feel that there is something horrible in failure.

That’s not true.

There is something horrible in stretching out failure when your gut tells you you can’t win.

A good friend of mine opened a store in a new mall in a mid-sized city. The mall never got any traction and went through 7 managers in 3 months.

” I am tired of being a crash-test dummy,” she would tell me.

The other vendors and store owners would meet and talk and complain and hope.

My friend decided not to put anymore money in a money pit and closed her store.

Was it hard firing employees? Sure.

Was it a blow to the ego as other store owners watched her move her stuff out? Of course.

But was it the right decision? Definately.

“There is nothing noble about being the last person off a sinking ship. I am not going to be the last person to give this guy (the landlord) rent.  My gut tells me to close this store.”

This is the age of reinvention.

This is the age of a million ideas. And not all of them will work.

This is the age of strong beliefs, loosely held.

This is an age where the past has little if anything to teach you.

All the lessons are happening right now.

Trust your instincts. And know that being slow will kill you.

Sometimes when the world inside is cursing you out the best thing to do is not to cover your head with a pillow and wait for it to past.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to just go outside.

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8 Comments on “The Break Of Gone (or how to stop being a crash test dummy)”

  1. Oh, Char…I love it when you let your heart write the words and your crankshaft post the pictures. Truly. You are a singular creation.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    thanks! “old-man-hitchin’-up-my-pants territory” is a line i’m gonna erm, remix,, btw.

  3. Daniel Edlen Says:

    So fucking refreshing.

  4. Your experience emits a sense of awe, a beauty in the reflection of pain but acceptance without throwing it all away. All I can say is Beautiful! Thanks for writing it.

  5. Jesus Says:

    Prince, You are right. Think and Act Quickly there´re a lot of opportunities out, the only thing that you need to do is to be courageous. Thanks for your ideas. Brilliant.

  6. […] as soon as you recognize that you are failing.  Of course this is easy to say but hard to do.  A nice post by Chartreuse makes the point well. Tags: Entrepreneurialism > […]

  7. Jeff Marks Says:

    This made my day. Your finger is on the pulse as usual!

  8. kid mercury Says:

    i completely lost track of this post at that last picture. that chick is hot. good job.

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