The Problem With Depression-Era Business Business Meetings (Or F*ck You,Pay Me!)

True Story.

I have a little money in several businesses and sometimes I am called to different meetings. Yesterday I was asked if I wanted to attend a managers meeting of some property I’m involved in.

So I am sitting in a room with 6 managers and 2 new hires as the owner is giving a rundown of responsibilities. It was pretty boring but we had picked up some food so I half listened as I munched on chicken wings and sipped on orange soda.

Then one of our recently fired managers walked in.

He was fired for stealing about $600.00

The owner suddenly started stumbling on his words. Since we had went over what he would talk about I tried to help him out.

“Wait Prince”, he said “XXXXX, where’s my mutherfucking money?”

The room got silent.

3 seconds later the 40 year old business owner and the 35 year old former manager were fighting in the middle of the room. Chairs and money were flying everywhere. (The owner went for the other guys wallet.)

It was complete chaos.

They ended up outside in New York’s 20 something degree weather.

As the crowd went outside I hastily picked up all the money and gave it to one of the other managers to count and tried to think.

I got the money from the other manager (about $300) and walked outside. The fight was over but the testosterone and energy was still quite high.Blood was on the snow.  People were screaming threats.

I went to the corner, waved down a cab and led the business owner into it.

As the police passed us , lights a blazing, going toward the building I took a breath.

I’m not too worried about my investment but I definately will skip the next monthly meeting.

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10 Comments on “The Problem With Depression-Era Business Business Meetings (Or F*ck You,Pay Me!)”

  1. terry c Says:

    Now THAT is a business meeting!
    Seriously though, you need to be careful. Violence is never a way to solve problems.

  2. In case you decide otherwise, I think you should better take a machine-gun along with you … or at least a pistol … I find this story of yours pretty hard to believe. Nevertheless, what’s a nice person like you doing in a place that ?!!!

  3. chartreuse Says:

    if i wasn’t there i wouldn’t believe it. I had to leave out a lot of details but it is all true.
    The only point of me even writing about it is because I think that as times get tougher you’ll see/hear more stuff like this.
    Oh, and nice guys like me end up everywhere.

  4. If that happened and those photos are of the real thing … then you’re doomed … it only takes a ‘one plus one’ to get to you …

  5. chartreuse Says:

    the pictures are from flickr (click o them to get to originals)! there was no pictures of the incident!

  6. alvin Says:

    i completely understand the frustration of the business owner. It’s hard enough making money but to have an employee steal is too much. I’ve wanted to kick a few employees ass. Good for him!

  7. Mary S. Says:

    It sounds like the mob. Times are really getting tough.

  8. Sammy DeNoir Says:

    I prefer to let the police handle thefts. It seems like you are condoning the actions of this business owner.

  9. William Says:

    What a fucking story! When you were posting it to facebook in realtime I was interested. Nice to get the rest of the story!

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