The Chartreuse Official Grammy Weekend Post (Or Artists Gone Wild!)

One of the more interesting stories in the history of music is the one about the Guns & Roses album, ‘Chinese Democracy’. It took almost 20 years to create. In between most of the band members quit.

The band signed a deal with Best Buy to be the only distributor of the album. Best Buy expected to sell 1.2 million. It has barely sold 500,000 worldwide.

The album came out in November of 2008.Parts of the album was leaked as far back as 2003 .

The band refused to put out videos for the album.

The leader of the band, Axl Rose, refused to do interviews and hasn’t done one in 9 years.

Until now.

And seeing that he got the questions in advance, it’s a doozy.

The rapper 50 cent made more money than any other artist last year. He had a TV show on MTV. He owns a piece of Vitamin Water. He put out an album that didn’t do well. His followup is a very public, very ridiculous beef with another rapper, Rick Ro$$.

I can’t really tell you what they are beefing about, but 50 has taken it to a new level.

His attack is a multimedia campaign including youtube clips of  50 buying Ross’ ‘baby momma’ clothes to him releasing Ross’ financial records during radio interviews and creating a special website dissing the rapper.

Ross, obviously not as multimedia savvy, has been just releasing diss songs. How old school!

But it’s not just rappers who beef.

The legendary Etta James went on a rant (hear it here) about how much she dislikes Beyonce and President Obama. The 71 yo woman was pissed about Beyonce singing “At Last” at an inauguration ball.   She, this week, apologized. Probably because she sounded so …bitter.

While Etta James had modest success with the song in 1961, it was first performed in 1942 by Glenn Miller and his orchestra in the film “Orchestra Wives” and became a hit record for the band leader.

The notion that a performer has a proprietary right to a song or role is absurd.

And what of all the singers who sang “At Last” in the two decades before Etta James did? Indeed, four years before her recording, Nat King Cole included the tune on his No. 1 album “Love Is the Thing.”

Bitter is so not a good look.

Anyway, enjoy the Grammys!

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6 Comments on “The Chartreuse Official Grammy Weekend Post (Or Artists Gone Wild!)”

  1. coffee Says:

    sounds like Etta might be jealous of Beyonce’s face time with the new Prez

  2. R&R Legend Says:

    Axl Rose just confirmed what we all knew for years. He’s a dick.

    He ripped off Best Buy. He blamed everyone but himself for the mess a once legendary band has become. The interview was eye-opening to the blind.

  3. Mary S. Says:

    I think the real story in this post is the 0 Cent story. Despite the fact that he didn’t have a hit record last year he managed to make more money than anyone else. That’s because the guy is relentless. He’s a smart businessman.
    What he is doing to Rick Ross via the internet is a perfect example. No mercy! There’s some lessons in that!

  4. Mary S. Says:

    Oh, and though I disagree with you a lot I went back and read some of your older post. You’re good!

  5. chartreuse Says:

    Rose blaming everyone else was pretty typical him.

    Thanks for the kind words, Mary.

  6. kid mercury Says:

    very disappointed in the chartreuse community, quite a shame to see the axl hating going on here. there is a video coming, or at least that is what axl has said, although he also said chinese democracy would be released in 1999. seriously. folks should give it a few listens though. i got it in heavy rotation, i’m a believer.

    50 is totally ridiculous in too many ways to list in a blog comment, though i kinda enjoy him for the way he is marketed and think he makes an interesting case study of sorts for those interested in “beef marketing.” nobody does beef marketing better than jay-z though, that dude will beef with everyone for a few months and then do a track with them and release it as a hot single. LOL.

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