Everything Is Amazing, But Nobody Is Happy

Below is the funniest video I’ve seen since Feldman’s Oscar recap.

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7 Comments on “Everything Is Amazing, But Nobody Is Happy”

  1. 1938media Says:

    This is one of the absolute funniest bits I have ever seen in my life. Really.

  2. Dionne Says:

    That is very funny! “It’s going to SPACE!” had me laughing my ass off!

  3. Brian Clark Says:

    Oh wow that was dead on. I feel the same way when I fly (“I can’t believe I’m up in the air in this tube!”)

  4. Ugly Says:

    thanks for posting this – this is great

  5. Ugly Says:

    too bad the Feldman’s Oscar recap link requires a subscription, otherwise I would watch it. I am too much of a cheap bastard to pay, when so much on the internet is free.

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