The Blog Post That Riled Eminem And Gave Steve Jobs A Court Date

On February 6, 2007 Steve Jobs wrote his “Thoughts On Music” on the Apple website.

He explained Apple’s need to ‘license rights to distribute music from others,’ mentioning Universal and the other large record companies.

This ubiquitous statement may now be the death nell for already struggling record companies.


Because Eminem read Steve Jobs ‘thoughts’, that line in particular and got pissed.

You see, the major labels equates digital downloads to the sale of music in other forms. Meaning they treat it like a CD. The artist only gets a small percentage of the sale.

Licensing agreements are different.

According to most licencing agreements the money is split 50/50 with the artists.

So are digital sales (i.e. ringtones and downloads) actual music sales (like CDs) or licencing agreements between record labels and other companies?

Well a jury will be deciding that this week.

If they are licensing agreements then record labels owe a lot of money, which, let’s face it, they can’t really afford.

Though there are other things going on in the world of music, the labels are bringing their A-game. Taking the stand will be record company legends and even Steve Jobs (via video).

The ramifications are that important to the labels.

Which just means they expect to lose.

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3 Comments on “The Blog Post That Riled Eminem And Gave Steve Jobs A Court Date”

  1. Daniel Edlen Says:

    😉 Em could have 50% of the sales of my paintings of him! I mean, *if* he then endorsed me. That’s how it works, right?

  2. I say for future reference, make sure your contract states that you want your digital downloads to be treated like licensing agreements, since there is no physical CD being sold.

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