true/false smart/dumb and a few maybes (Or always be wary of big men with small ideas)

Digg getting into the toolbar business: Smart

Rihanna going back to Chris Brown: Dumb


Adam Corrolla taking his show online: Smart

Andrew Baron‘s analysis of why TV Studios will die : Smart

Money’s diminishing returns : True

We need more ass wiping businesses : True

Obama’s budget is declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds. : False

Violence will start being directed at corporations: maybe

No Line On The Horizon better than Achtung Baby :  yeah…

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2 Comments on “true/false smart/dumb and a few maybes (Or always be wary of big men with small ideas)”

  1. Dstation TV Says:

    Nice article .Thank.

  2. Krug Says:

    Violence directed towards corporations. Sounds so Red Army to me. Doubt it will happen in the Grand Ol’ US of A.

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