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chartreuse bottle

Chartreuse is an herbal liqueur made by the Carthusian Monks near Grenoble, France. According to the tale, the formula for chartreuse was invented by a 16th century alchemist as an attempt to create aqua vitae (the waters of life.) Aqua vitae was believed to restore youth to the aged, endow animation to the dead, and be a key ingredient in the creation of the philosophers stone. Though this attempt at its creation seems to fall somewhat short of the legendary effects, it was promoted as a heal-all tonic by the descendant of the alchemist, and was bequeathed to the Carthusian Order upon his death. This formula of 130 herbs has been secret for nearly 400 years. Today, only three brothers of that monastery know how to make chartreuse.

This site, known as chartreuse (beta) shares some of the same legendary traits of the famed alcohol. Daily reading of it is also said to restore youth, cause you to see things differently and put you to sleep with a smile on your face.

This blog has been mentioned in various old media sources, including The New York Times, BusinessWeek and The Boston Globe. New media sources such as Rocketboom, Seth’s blog and others also appreciate some Chartreuse (beta) every now and then.

I am glad you are here. Take a look around. And enjoy your new-found youth.


(Prince Campbell)

8 Comments on “about chartreuse”

  1. Eddie Daroza Says:

    That’s crazy ’cause whenever I drink herbal liqueurs I wake up feeling like I had the waters of death. haha. Maybe I need to meet some Carthusian monks. (or slow down!)


    Jagermeister is good also.. a german liqueur

  3. Sparkie Says:

    It’s best to sip jagermeister in a foxhole at night….Warming experience.

  4. littlemssomebody Says:

    PC…still kicking, huh? Where are you? Whats new and whats still the same?

  5. VII Says:

    Thanks PC3 you gave me the courage to do this. You said it years ago that we have to nmake it happen:


  6. >> Today, only three brothers of that monestary know how to make chartreuse.

    no other people know? and you?

  7. Lisa Powers Says:

    I love your site/blog.
    I do feel younger already.
    49 and living on the edge also and still a work in progress.
    new to online. how do i subcribe to this..would love a little more sweet altered consciousness heart and soul in my life.

  8. I’m happy to see you’re back in the blogosphere. You had an immensely popular blog, which I supported and argued against a few times, then you disappeared for a while. I’ve abandoned my Vaspers blog, having grown to hate it deeply. I am now re-invented as Pluperfecter.


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