bio (always incomplete)


In my teens:

Born and raised in New Orleans

Heard First Prince Album

Video Production Assistant

In my 20s:


WEA (Warner/Electra/Atlantic)


KNEK (Program Director)


Los Angeles


Lee Bailey Communications (Radio Syndication)


In my 30s:

New Orleans


Dayscar (founder)



Prisa Music Group (founder)


Chartreuse (founder)


In my 40’s

Chartreuse (season II)

head of

9 Comments on “bio (always incomplete)”

  1. I love chartreuse….hope you can check out my track about Paris and todays linkstars. The first time I drank Chartreuse…never forget it….love your ideas of the star of today…brilliant. Cheers, Smasher

  2. R. Craig Says:

    My fault. I didn’t check your bio, just made a leap of faith based only on the name. Were offended? How did it feel to be a girl for a brief time? 😉 You’ve had quite a career! I was in the studio and radio too, but not nearly as big time as you. I bet the jump to Internet Media has been quite a trick.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    everyone’s bigtime!

  4. You are a blogger’s blogger and I respect your great mind and insights.

  5. stanley davis Says:

    Prince ! it’s me stanley the guy from tampa, fl . You remember me, you, and victor the guy phildelphia. i see you;re back blogging again. i just wanted to say hi man. stan.

  6. TheJennTafur Says:

    Ahh no wonder we click on Twitter. Prince fans unite and loving your blog! 8) Hoping you are exercising easily after having a heart attack. Stay at peace!

  7. David P. Walker Says:

    Hi friend!

    I lost your contact number. The only reason I did not communicate with you is because I lost your number. My telephone number is (717) 213-9618, or at (718) 647-8370. I also get messages there.

    If you choose to, you can also send your number to my e-mail address.

    Hope that everything is going well for you.

  8. Bill Says:

    Wow, nice to see you. It’s Bill from Harvey. Yeah, the guy next door you grew up with. Catch me on face book or something.

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