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Inside The Latest Blog Network Implosion (Or Everlasting Importance Of Beyonce)

April 19, 2006


If you hang out in the comment section of this blog then you were one of the first to know about the latest Blog Media news.

It seems that flamethrower David Krug, along with uber-designers Chris Pearson and Ben Bleikamp, have left Blog Media for…free agency?


Minic talks Moms, Pops and His New Website, The Blogging Times

March 13, 2006


While doing my weekend surfing I came across an interesting site called The Blogging Times. The author of the site was Minic who’s name I remembered as the founder of the Mom and Pop Network.

Hmmm…I thought, has Minic decided to branch is long arms into blog coverage? Is this positioned as some kind of threat  to Blog Herald? And what in the world has the Mom and Pop Network folks been up to? I know he has some great writers who write about interesting topics. So what’s next?

So I asked.



How to hate blogs, youtube and still own a successful blog network: A 2 Question Interview with Loren Feldman

March 2, 2006

 loren feldman.jpg

Loren Feldman is the owner of 1938 Media. 1938 Media is a marketing and design company but they also have a diverse group of websites. I would like to call it a blog network but Loren doesn’t like that term. He just happens to run 13 websites.

What got me interested in 1938 Media was the fact that I saw a lot of video on their site. (and everyone knows how I love video!) So instead of writing another post about my miserable past I decided to briefly talk with Loren about the future…


Jeremy Wright Talks Value

February 14, 2006


You have a huge network. What are you doing to keep your network stronger than your writers, i.e. What is the value proposition behind your network? 

Jeremy Wright (arguably the blogosphere’s best drummer)  answers: