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The Monday Remix (or I’m a majority of ONE!* music edition )

May 15, 2006

The Virtual Teen NightClub which is probably way more disconcerting than MySpace.

Say it ain't so!! AllofMP3 Dead?

Videoblog 88Slide Gets Ads

(Not A) Newsflash: Chris Lighty and Rap's PR Problem
The 50 Worst Things Ever to Happen to Music

My cool site of the day.

a cool summer euro-pop video below by The Knife

*liz strauss 2005 all rights reserved 🙂

Girls, Shoes and Parking (The May 3rd Morning Remix)

May 3, 2006


"Girls aged 12 to 15 are more likely than boys to have a mobile phone, use the internet, listen to the radio and read newspapers or magazines."

How To Get People To Work For Free. Really.


[favorite video blogs] 88 Slide

April 5, 2006

It's videoblogging week. That means it's the perfect time to introduce you to some of my favorite video podcasts.


My Parent’s Guide To All This New Media Stuff

March 5, 2006


So I was telling my mom about this site (via email) and she wrote me back a question a tad bit disturbing. Especially since she on the internet everyday.

‘What’s A Blog?’

So for my Mom and Dad (I already answered the blog question) here’s a layman’s explanation to all the new media stuff going on.