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Understanding Today’s Consumer (Or How To Guarantee You Don’t Get That Marketing Job)

May 27, 2006


Welcome to Chartreuse(beta) Shoes. Thanks for applying for the marketing position.

I see you have 10 years of marketing experience. That's too bad.



You Can’t Make Money With Adsense Unless Your Site Sucks (Or Avoiding The Abundance Trap)

May 25, 2006


So I'm doing some work for a guy who wants more visitors to his blog.

"I want 1000 readers a day." he told me.

Now that's reasonable.

But the truth is: it's not that important.

In this day and age the numbers don't matter.

Influence does.


“It’s Not You, It’s Me.” (Or How Advertising Agencies Are Destroying Web 2.0)

May 23, 2006


Modern advertisers only know how to do two things well.


And slap ads on stuff.