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Weekend Remix (The ‘Staying Cool’ Edition)

July 15, 2006

Famous Blogs That Use WordPress


Conservatives, Cellphones And Carlin (The Friday Remix)

June 2, 2006


Is it just me or did this week fly?


The Tuesday Remix (The “What If Angelina Jolie Was President ?” Edition)

May 23, 2006

Adam links to a stablized copy of the Zapruder film, showing the Kennedy Assasination in a new light.


[Blog Network Weekend] Random Shapes Member Featured

May 13, 2006

My future ex-wife, Bloggy winner and member of Random ShapesAngelique, is featured in the June issue of ELLEgirl.

Since I don't want the purchase of a young woman's fashion magazine stored on some computer and popping up when I run for Senate, I will not be purchasing an issue.

Just Kidding.

I'm running for Governor.