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RIAA to sue lipsyncers (Really) And Other Dumb Music News (the thursday music remix)

June 15, 2006


In what has to be the dumbest business move since the record industry started suing downloaders, the RIAA is now sending Cease and Desist letters to kids who are lipsyncing songs on YouTube. Who, for the sake of God, is running the major music industry?


What’s the exact number of levels in Chinese Hell? (The Thursday Video Remix)

June 8, 2006


For a brief time yesterday I had the unique privledge of having this site and my All Angelina Jolie site in the WordPress Top 10 at the same time. My prize for pulling off such a feat was to get an email from a friend asking me what level of Chinese hell did my blogs represent.

I said, "The hot one."  🙂