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How All This New Media Stuff Is Going To Make You Famous And Rich (Or A Happy Ending Is Just A Story That Isn’t Finished Yet)

August 3, 2006

I want to continue a conversation started by Noah Brier.


Things That Don’t Happen In Your Town, Loving Balloons And Hating Cheese (The Sunday Remix)

June 11, 2006


Can't start your Sunday off right without a little politics. Check out this new track from New Orlean's rapper Lil Wayne called "Georgia…Bush". The kids are calling it Fire.


The Real Internet Revolution (It ain’t happened yet)

June 8, 2006


 [Another fantastic guest post today. This time by Reynold D'Silva of SnakeCoffee. He clues us in on the real internet revolution. Really.]


Can This Blog Be Saved? (How to monetize

June 3, 2006


Blogging can get pretty stressful.

Ask Clyde, one of the readers of this blog and the owner of the site ProHipHop.

The reason for his stress?

He can't seem to figure out how to monitize his site.

Let's help him out.


The Upcoming Death Of People Magazine (Or What time is the Angelina Jolie Webcast?)

June 1, 2006

What if Angelina Jolie had a one minute videocast everyday telling you what was going on in her life?

Her spin on the Jennifer, Brad and the kids.

Think anybody would watch?


Understanding Today’s Consumer (Or How To Guarantee You Don’t Get That Marketing Job)

May 27, 2006


Welcome to Chartreuse(beta) Shoes. Thanks for applying for the marketing position.

I see you have 10 years of marketing experience. That's too bad.



The “Maximum Big Surprise” Friday Remix

May 26, 2006