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[site annoucement] Dealing With Former Employees

August 19, 2007

When the emails started coming to me about the Loren Feldman situation I did what any good friend would do: I ignored it and hoped his blood wouldn’t end up on my shirt (I also left a comment on Valleywag but who reads that?)

But since I was planning the new season of this blog I felt I could and should do more.


Understanding Today’s Consumer (Or How To Guarantee You Don’t Get That Marketing Job)

September 20, 2006

 [this post was originally published May 27th, 2006]

Welcome to Chartreuse(beta) Shoes. Thanks for applying for the marketing position.

I see you have 10 years of marketing experience. That’s too bad.



[Best Of] Traction Class (Or how to end up on the cover of Time, forget who made you and then be looked at as a corporate sell out )

August 16, 2006

[originally posted May 10th, 2006]

O.K. Class!

Today we’re going to talk about traction.

Everybody wants it.

But some folks seem to have problems getting it.

You in the back! Pay attention…


[Best Of] The Answer Sheet

July 18, 2006

There are a lot of things going on I would like to write about such as World War III: What’s In It For You? and The Importance Of AARP To The Digital Future (Really) but I’m sitting in the Tampa airport getting ready to fly to New York so it’s hard to concentrate.  That means you’ll have to deal with a best of and maybe a short remix today.

I’ll be meeting with a lot of folks in the next 48 and if you happen to be in NYC feel free to join the party. Just shoot me an email and I’ll send you some details before the day is done.