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How All This New Media Stuff Is Going To Make You Famous And Rich (Or A Happy Ending Is Just A Story That Isn’t Finished Yet)

August 3, 2006

I want to continue a conversation started by Noah Brier.


Is It Too Late To Dumb Down The Good Guys? (Why We Might Lose The Net Neutrality Fight)

May 20, 2006


Why are the good guys so dumb?

Why in the world do we smart people feel we prove our smartness by being boring?

Case in point: Net Neutrality


Why 1999 Was The Best Year For Movies (or How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?)

May 18, 2006


The best year in my history of films would have to be 1999.

Look at the list:


The Angelina Jolie Guide To Running The Modern News Organization (Or Everything That’s Wrong With World News Tonight)

May 16, 2006


Putting shows on the internet won't save typical broadcast TV.

Here's why.

Broadcast television (btv) has a history of being long and wide.

The problem is, everyone only wants short and deep.