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Word On The Street:An Open Letter To Web Future Guys From Us Regular Cool User Guys

February 24, 2006


I’m not a tech guy.

I’m just a regular dude with a music background and an interest in new media. I read with interest those folks who obviously know a lot more than me about whats going on.

But these folks sometimes seem to miss something kinda important.



How A Trip To The Circus Could Save Your Network

February 16, 2006


The thinking of less successful organizations is often dominated by the idea of staying ahead of the competition.

In stark contrast, high growth companies pay little attention to matching or beating rivals. Instead they seek innovation to make their competitors irrelevant.

Take for example Virgin Atlantic Airlines. They got rid of first class service and dumped the savings into cool stuff for everybody else on the plane.

Or Cirque du Soleil. In a time when going to the circus meant you were crazy they redefined the entire market aiming the circus at the high-end crowd.

They didn’t give a fuck about Ringling Bros.


Can This Network Be Saved? BizNicheMedia

January 17, 2006


I am very bullish on internet media networks. I get really excited when I come across a network that is on the brink of making someone a lot of money.

I got that feeling recently when cruising biznichemedia. You could almost feel the cash in their voices as they described their mission:

The mission of BizNicheMedia is to earn high profits by producing and marketing quality niche content on the World Wide Web. We pledge to pay our employees and contractors a competitive local wage and treat them with respect.

So, incase you still don’t get it, here is their plan. They find a bunch of boring keywords which people pay google a lot to advertise. They then build a blog around it (the blog writing is outsourced to foriegners to save money). Can’t fail, right? Wrong.

Here’s how they are screwing up and how they can fix it quickly: