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Everything I Know About New Media I Learned From George Bush

August 22, 2006

Google or Yahoo?

WordPress or Blogger?

Mac or PC?

Israel or Hezbollah?


Howard Stern, American Idol And My 500 Year Plan (or not exactly worth a full blog post)

April 18, 2006

Someone I know really needs to do a real investigation into how American Idol works. My gut tells me something isn't right. For example: Queen Guitarist Accuses American Idol Of Misrepresentation

I was reading an old Fast Company magazine about a company that put together a 500 year plan their company. Really. Then I read this: How Deep Is Your Company Vision? Maybe I will put together a 500 year plan for this blog. Now that would be interesting. Let me know if you have any ideas…

Nike, Warner Bros., MTV2 and Dimension Films are just a few of the big-name marketers that have begun to advertise on What is Calacanis' opinion now? Is it a real business yet? And what about these YouTube competitors?

Sirius payed 500 million for 5 years of Howard Stern (that covers everything). Since his arrival 2 million people have agreed to pay 12 13 bucks a month for the service. Um, if no one else signs up and we don't include any money Sirius makes from advertising or from the sales of the recievers that deal will net the company half a billion dollars. Who thought Stern's move was a bad idea?

How To Do Everything Right And Still Be A Complete And Utter Failure (Or Why You Should Always Tell People You Probably Suck)

April 17, 2006

[One of the blogs I read regularly is Fraser Kelton's Disruptive Thoughts. I convinced him to write a special post for the readers of this blog. What he has written was really beyond my expectations ­čÖé Enjoy it!]


We’re increasingly becoming a society driven by expectations – our level of enjoyment has increasingly less to do with the overall experience and increasingly more to do with the fulfillment of our expectations.

Let me explain.


Word On The Street:An Open Letter To Web Future Guys From Us Regular Cool User Guys

February 24, 2006


I’m not a tech guy.

I’m just a regular dude with a music background and an interest in new media.┬áI read with interest those folks who obviously know a lot more than me about whats going on.

But these folks sometimes seem to miss something kinda important.