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The Sunday (photo) Remix (or Should A Warren Zevon Track Make The List?)

May 7, 2006


[letters] Sometimes I get Things Right…

April 19, 2006

Clickthroughs from my site to the single video I uploaded to YT on April 12 were more than double the clickthroughs I get from any of the podcasts and more than triple the clickthroughs I receive from the text-only posts…

One video. Only a week old. Reminds of something someone once said:

Robert Bruce | American Poet |

Check out the video Robert is talking about here.

How To Do Everything Right And Still Be A Complete And Utter Failure (Or Why You Should Always Tell People You Probably Suck)

April 17, 2006

[One of the blogs I read regularly is Fraser Kelton's Disruptive Thoughts. I convinced him to write a special post for the readers of this blog. What he has written was really beyond my expectations 🙂 Enjoy it!]


We’re increasingly becoming a society driven by expectations – our level of enjoyment has increasingly less to do with the overall experience and increasingly more to do with the fulfillment of our expectations.

Let me explain.