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The Coming Death Of Advertising Based Business Models

April 26, 2006


Advertising based models are doomed to fail.

Because smart companies are becoming their own media companies.

Wal-Mart gets it.

Nike gets it.

Even Scott Karp.

Smart companies are taking their story directly to the public and eliminating the media.


The Devil’s Candy (or satan’s guide to blogging success)

April 25, 2006


So this blog is in pretty good shape for one that has been in existence for around 100 days (I'm too lazy to get the exact number!).

Because of that I sometimes get emails like this one:

I wanted to know if you can give
me some free tips on starting a blog, a sports blog really. I've been having these entreprenuerial ideas, and I think I wanna start my own sports blog. If you have any advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

Let give you my advice for a successful blog.


Candy, Comments, Cashmore, Colonoscopy and Conservatives (daily remix)

April 25, 2006

Seth Godin linked to an interesting post about how KitKat became #1 in Japan. Even more interesting (to me) are comments like this. The guy may have a point. Have marketers destroyed society?

Fraser Kelton is conducting experiments with influence and getting interesting results.

Mike Pete Cashmore and Search Engine Watch talk about the latest Technorati Killer.

Conservatives discover videobloggingdamn..but perfect name.

I need some help from Lindzon.