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Looking For Clues (without commentary)

April 1, 2008

(15:37:08) michael miraflor:
(15:37:16) michael miraflor: so, supposedly this is the new sublime
(15:37:28) michael miraflor: sort of a rap / rock fusion
(15:37:36) michael miraflor: with political commentary
(15:37:44) michael miraflor: i hear a little linkin park
(15:37:53) michael miraflor: anyhow, “handlebars” is getting crazy rotation in socal
(15:39:33) rafi: hrmm
(15:39:33) michael miraflor <AUTO-REPLY> : I am away from my computer right now.
(15:39:38) rafi: sounds like garbage


Sandi Thom vs. Chuck D. (Or Welcome To The Death Of Hype)

April 10, 2006


Our version of the Sandi Thom story seems to have caught hold with some of the major music sites crediting this site and it's readers to catching on to Sony's marketing tricks.

Major music industry site, The Velvet Rope, had some of the more interesting comments.

I find it insulting that someone would think that they need to concoct such an orchestrated "lie" in order to build a story about an artist. What is worse is that the artist has chosen to go along with it.

I love it that they didn't even think they'd have to back up the numbers with actual data.

If you have any doubts that the consumers are not as smart as the current media heads you should read this thread. A representative of the streaming video company involved posted and quickly saw they was out of their league. The questions raised were too much for them to handle.