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The Importance Of Jimmy (Or The Economics Of Everything)

June 16, 2006

The economics of everything is changing.

Small companies can play with the big boys on almost every level.


Living With Beyonce (Or The Problem with Most Blog Networks)

June 7, 2006


[ one of the cool things about having this space is that I get the chance to give other folks the stage once in a while. 9rules honcho Beyonce (or Tyme White to those who don't read this blog) agreed to write something specifically for you guys. I wasn't expecting anything too controversial, oops! It's a great read and really something for writers to think about before joining a blog network.] 


just how creative is a nuclear bomb? (Or the Fight Club, MySpace and George Clinton Remix)

June 4, 2006



Love Will Keep Us Together (or How Love Will Tear Us Apart)

May 15, 2006


One of the big lies about the internet is that it's bringing us together.

Not true.