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The Thursday Remix (‘Strategy Edition’)

July 13, 2006

…bigger question the commoditization of strategy begs is this: what is the next great shift in value creation? What is the next great paradigm that will shape how the people that own resources – corporations, entrepreneurs, capitalists – think about how to create value from them?…


Weekend Remix (or Howard Stern, Payola And Bad Dreams)

May 14, 2006


Know these chicks?

We'll get back to them in a second.



MySpace: A Music Industry Perspective (Or If Video Killed The Radio Star Then Social Networks…)

May 9, 2006


[If you are into the music business then you have probably visited Coolfer a time or two. It's becoming the online bible for music business news that's unfiltered and uncorrupted by the major labels.

I got together with it's founder and editor Glenn Peoples, and convinced him to give us his view of the MySpace phenomenom from a music industry insiders perspective. It's worth reading.]


Tom Cruise, Sandra Bernhard And The Big Elephant (Or LinkedIn, MySpace And The Big Elephant)

May 8, 2006

I have had a raging headache all day so this may come across as a little grouchy. If so, sorry.

Now I'll admit I'm a strange duck.

I think there is something extremely sexy about Sandra Bernhard.

I think Howard Stern is a genius.

And I really like Tom Cruise.

But I was sorta miffed by the posts I've been reading online about social networks being all about "I" and the disappointing numbers for M:III (irritating name btw).

It's like everyone is just noticing the elephant in the room.