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August 24, 2007

You Are Better Than You Think

I was snooping through Communicatrix’s bookmarks and found these business card booklets. kinda cool.

How to download undownloadable songs on myspace

Throwing people in jail for using open wi-fi networks?

Sex 2.0 Conference is wwaayy cheaper than the International Conference on Mathematics: Trends and Developments and the girls will (probably) dress better.

My exes and my sister are (or were at some point) involved in teaching higher education. They all disagree with my opinion that schools are a waste of time. Finally someone agrees with me.(kinda)

Amy Winehouse leaves rehab after 4 days and has bloody fight with husband. (warning: ugly stuff, not really morning pictures)

Note to Delta Airlines: If a woman keeps insisting she’s a lady that means she’s probably not.

The “Maximum Big Surprise” Friday Remix

May 26, 2006



Ignore This Post (or treat it like the national business community has treated new orleans)

April 21, 2006


I just spent the last hour watching the New Orleans debate for mayor which was broadcast on MSNBC. In case you didn't know, the election is tomorrow.

After watching the debate I have made a decision about who should be mayor of my hometown but I'm not going to post that. Voting and shitting are our only two privacys left and I plan on holding on to both as long as possible.

But let me tell you what is really happening in New Orleans.