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Nick Denton’s B Game (Or The Idolator Problem)

September 15, 2006

I was a lucky teenager.

When I was 18 years old I moved in with a smart, hot 28 year old divorcee.


Because 50% Of Marriages Fail Because Of Gayness (Or Why I took Down The Pictures Of Angelina Jolie’s Kid)

June 10, 2006

I have no respect for the law.


Beyonce, Michael Arrington And F*ck You Money (or Blogging:What’s In It For You)

May 16, 2006

 Let talk money.

For some reason the topic seems to bother people. They don't want to be seen as making too much or little.



Traction Class (Or how to end up on the cover of Time, forget who made you and then be looked at as a corporate sell out )

May 10, 2006

O.K. Class!

Today we’re going to talk about traction.

Everybody wants it.

But some folks seem to have problems getting it.

You in the back! Pay attention…


My First Kiss From My First Wife Happened While New Order’s ‘Bizzare Love Triangle’ Was Playing (Or Why Napster Is Really Failing)

May 3, 2006


Remember Napster?

I loved Napster.

Napster made tons of young people need a computer.

Yeah, well, they are still around trying to sell music to folks.

But no one is buying.

Know why?


Ignore This Post (or treat it like the national business community has treated new orleans)

April 21, 2006


I just spent the last hour watching the New Orleans debate for mayor which was broadcast on MSNBC. In case you didn't know, the election is tomorrow.

After watching the debate I have made a decision about who should be mayor of my hometown but I'm not going to post that. Voting and shitting are our only two privacys left and I plan on holding on to both as long as possible.

But let me tell you what is really happening in New Orleans.


Word For The Day: GhostRiding (or this is really not your father’s oldsmobile)

April 19, 2006

While you weren't paying attention the Hyphy Movement is taking off. It's creeping into slang (stupid and dumb mean something different now). Ghost ridin' and other hyphy trends are taking off.

One of the kings of the Hyphy movement is J Diggs. J Digg has sold over 10 thousand albums in Oakland this year without any radio or major label exposure. Watch a video or visit his website.

Below is an example of Ghost Riding.(Dancing while your car drives by itself. Really)