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It Is What It Is (or I was never famous enough for this crap)

January 4, 2007


So I hop online just to check my email and see that folks are writing bad things about me.

Not nice.

Here’s the deal.


How To Make Lindsay Lohan Less Interesting ( A quick review of ‘The PopCrunch Show” )

August 1, 2006

This site has a history with David Krug. So when he does something interesting we pay attention.

Today was the (day late) debut of David Krug’s foray into the video media space with “The Pop Crunch Show“.(click to watch)
Now everyone knows I’m a fan of video.

Like strippers and beer, video is easy to get.

It either sucks or it doesn’t.

PopCrunch (episode one) sucks.


The Death and Resurrection of Me (or Why Blog Networks are Dead)

June 19, 2006

David Krug as probably offend more people involved with blogs and blog networks than anyone. It doesn't make him right but it does make him interesting. I asked him to write about whatever he wanted. The results are below.


This Blog Is Dead (or Hot Chicks Weekend or The Happy 6 Month Anniversary Post)

June 16, 2006

After annoucing the death of Television, Email and David Krug I have one more obituary to mention, my own.

This blog is celebrating 6 months in the blogospere today and we all know what that means.

It's dead.