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House Cleaning (Or what to expect when you wasn’t expecting)

August 18, 2007

Simón Pais Thomas

It was, of course, no accident that I decided to relaunch this season of this blog (after a Sopranos-long hiatus) with a reference to Gia Carangi.

Astute readers will remember that she was a chick who became famous being herself.


[favorite video blogs] 88 Slide

April 5, 2006

It's videoblogging week. That means it's the perfect time to introduce you to some of my favorite video podcasts.


Haterati (Or The Importance Of Andy Hagans To This Blog)

March 20, 2006


As I was perusing blogs yesterday (o.k. perusing is so not me) looking at blogs yesterday, I can across Scobles comments against the attacks on Dave Winer.

Now since my beat before I started this blog was short skirts and cool songs I had no idea who Dave Winer was.

Still don’t.

But there is one thing I do know about. And that’s the importance of enemies.

You’re nobody till somebody hates you.


A Rebuttal or Sometimes Your Girlfriend Really Is Dead or Please Stop Asking For T-Shirts

February 16, 2006



Date: Feb 16, 2006 6:02 PM
Subject: Asshole

To: chartreuse
Hey Asshole,

If you are going to tell the story tell it right. I DID NOT leave your apartment empty. I left your oh so important playstation and your clothes. And you got all your other crappy shit back as well.

You need to tell the people who read your blog that when the hot water went out you didn’t fix it for 13 days because you were working all the fucking time.

Both of your wives left you because you are a selfish, skirt-chashing prick. You wouldn’t know how to treat a woman if you had a handbook. I wasn’t fucking your asshole cousin when I left you. And I burned all the fucking tshirts so your friends can stop asking for them.

Don’t link to my site and stay the fuck out of my life.