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The Importance Of Disney World And The Insignificance Of David Lee Roth

April 5, 2006


Some people think that what makes the internet special is the fact that people can have conversations.

That's wrong.

Conversation is talk radio.

I'm just David Lee Roth without the ads.


Fanmail or Maybe Dido Wasn’t A Good Idea

March 26, 2006


All Video Weekend SUCKED!!

The videos you chose were lame. Not just the music videos but ALL of them. They were all old and seen a million times in a dozen of other places.

I thought you were cutting edge. You are dull. First Cowboy of Jack Of All Blogs finds Jesus and now Chartreuse, who writes about new media and the sex pistols ends his all video weekend with Dido. Fucking DIDO!!!! How whitebread, middle of the road, safe can you get.

All your new readers will never understand how great this site USED to be.

Come back Chartreuse!

A Disappointed Fan

Last Weeks Top 5 Singles (Sales)

March 22, 2006


No one is buying albums anymore. Singles are what’s hot.

Below are last week’s top 5 singles (by sales) compiled by Billboard. Each link will take you to the music video (via Youtube). I even found one for Elvis! 

1. Black Sweat (Prince)

2. Check On It (Beyonce Feat. Slim Thug)

3. When The Sun Goes Down (Artic Monkeys)

4. Gold Lions (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

5. Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis)

Danah Explains Online Communities

March 18, 2006

Fred Wilson of A VC fame, links to a must read article by  Danah Boyd‘s eTech talk. It’s titled “G/localization: When Global Information and Local Interaction Collide”  

Don’t let the title scare you. It’s actually about online communities.

How to design them.

How to grow them.

How to nurture them.

And the implications they bring.

Sweet, important stuff. (Thank’s Fred!)


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