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February 7, 2006


One of the things about the internet that I like is that you get to watch.

Here’s what I’m watching:

Renee is trying to build a small blog network. So are the folks at Level9Media. Both blogs keep you fairly updated.

Andy Merrett keeps adding blogs to the Blue Fish Network. Something tells me he has a plan…

My discussion with the 9rules folks yesterday got me interested in sex blogs. So I started looking at them.

And I’ve been also watching a lot of YouTube, vSocial,  and Revver so I can see what those 13 year olds are thinking about.

Anybody know of anything else interesting I should be watching?


Technorati Issues And Other Test Results

January 29, 2006

I said from the giddy-up that this site was an experiment. That I would be trying different ideas all the time.

Well here are the results from some of them: (more…)

NATPE For New Media Networks?

January 29, 2006


Maybe it’s time to rethink blog networks.

I mean that maybe it’s time we get serious about this business. Everyone else is.

I am a content producer. I think a pretty good one.

I am currently in negotiations with a network about producing an idea I have. But I know the problem I’m going to have before we even discuss it. Paying me what I’m worth.

Tim Stay asked a very important question a few days ago in the comment section of one of my posts.

It’s relatively easy for someone like me to monitize my site. I’m a one person deal and all I have to do convince one or two advertisers for a reletively small amount of money.

But how can a new media network scale that process?

This is important. Not just for the network but also for the content producer. My concept involves video, podcasts, and mobile aspects. That means my concept will almost certainly involve other people. And they may have to be paid. And if the network doesn’t have it’s main function working properly (i.e. monitizing it’s content) then they can’t pay me what I, as a producer, need to produce quailty programming. Which means I suffer,the network suffers and ultimately the consumer suffers.

So here’s what I have been looking at. I hope it’s it’s something that the major new media networks take seriously and consider. Their future could depend on it. (more…)

Relevent Filters (an experiment)

January 26, 2006


Experiment time:

Below is a short list of some interesting/relevent articles I read/skimmed today.

If you have time please post a link to something you think would be relevent to this audience (i.e. you!) that you read today.


How To Write Headlines That Work

How To Make Money And Get Traffic From Other Webmasters (not the actual headline but this one will make you read it)

Edge Competences and the Post-Network Economy (not as complicated or boring as the title seems)