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The Advantages Of Prostitution (Or TechCrunch, Duncan Riley And What Really Happens At Weddings Or The Daily Remix Escort Edition)

June 22, 2006

It's hard not being a whore.


Candy, Comments, Cashmore, Colonoscopy and Conservatives (daily remix)

April 25, 2006

Seth Godin linked to an interesting post about how KitKat became #1 in Japan. Even more interesting (to me) are comments like this. The guy may have a point. Have marketers destroyed society?

Fraser Kelton is conducting experiments with influence and getting interesting results.

Mike Pete Cashmore and Search Engine Watch talk about the latest Technorati Killer.

Conservatives discover videobloggingdamn..but perfect name.

I need some help from Lindzon.

How To Do Everything Right And Still Be A Complete And Utter Failure (Or Why You Should Always Tell People You Probably Suck)

April 17, 2006

[One of the blogs I read regularly is Fraser Kelton's Disruptive Thoughts. I convinced him to write a special post for the readers of this blog. What he has written was really beyond my expectations 🙂 Enjoy it!]


We’re increasingly becoming a society driven by expectations – our level of enjoyment has increasingly less to do with the overall experience and increasingly more to do with the fulfillment of our expectations.

Let me explain.