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What’s Right And Wrong With Your Blog Network

February 21, 2006


When I called it a day Friday I was a little pissed. The week that was wasn’t all that great.

Duncan’s sale of the Blog Herald for an undisclosed (but not enough) sum.

The 9rules weirdness.

Technorati problems.

Angry email from ex-girlfriend.

The whole thing just didn’t taste right.

Then I had a conversation with the smartest guy in the room and he asked me a question. (I’ll paraphrase) “What’s so important about blog networks?”

So sit down, grab a cup of java and let me fill you in. Here’s why Blog Networks could be/ and should be the most important part of the new media future.


Nick Denton, Oprah Winfrey And The Art Of Getting Laid

February 14, 2006


Let’s talk about sex.

Not Sam Sugar Sex or Cowboy Sex or anything like that.

My friends and I managed to boil down our handbook for getting laid down to one sentence.

It’s the same principle used to make a good product into a successful brand people rave about.

And yes, it can really all be boiled down to one deceptive sentence.

But if you get it you’re guaranteed not only fulfilled nights but raving fans which will make you wealthy beyond your dreams.

Here’s the sentence.


Is The Blog Herald Afraid Of Nick Denton?

February 12, 2006


So this morning I was perusing The Blog Herald and saw an interesting headline: Does Gawker Media Hate America?

All it did was point to the Perez Hilton article where Gawker is bashed for turning away advertisers that are too “low rent”.

 The site’s ad manager boasts that it takes no Ford or Chevy ads because “we hate American cars” and no pharmaceutical ads because their readers are “beautiful and healthy”.

I thought it was interesting and I wasn’t the only one who thought so.


Sometimes Your Girlfriend Isn’t Really Dead:The Future Of Blog Networks

February 10, 2006


True Story.

When I 19 years old I lived with this 29 year old woman in the French Quarter of New Orleans. We lived 2 blocks off of Bourbon street and could always hear the noise, especially on the weekends.

Donna (the woman) used to like to have parties. We would have people come by all the time. A lot of them we wouldn’t even know. They could be a tourist couple we met and Donna would just tell them to stop in whenever they felt like it.

When people would come over a lot of times Donna and I would just go to bed. I have woken up many a nights to find some stranger sleep on our couch.

Well one night Donna and I were sleeping when we were woken up by someone BANGING on our bedroom door. When I answered it it was some guy I just met the night before. He was frantic.