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Everything I Know About New Media I Learned From George Bush

August 22, 2006

Google or Yahoo?

WordPress or Blogger?

Mac or PC?

Israel or Hezbollah?


World War III: What’s In It For You (Or Why The World Feels Like The Voice Of Nina Simone)

July 23, 2006

As we wait for World War Three to pop off I thought I would talk for a few minutes about what we should really be concerned about.

War is scary, even if it’s happening a million miles away. We are all so connected that ‘the butterfly effect’ is real. My country, like your country, will get dragged into this potential Armageddon and a melancholy Nina Simone vibe.

But War doesn’t scare as me as much as what else is happening.

The systematic failure of all our institutions.


Why Dan Abrams Can’t Get Laid (or How To Guarantee Failure In The 21st Century)

July 17, 2006

I want to like MSNBC.

But those folks are cowards.

I remember watching Chris Matthews during the Howard Dean phenom. And getting pissed as Chris did everything but say what he really felt.

It defines the network in my head.