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An Open Letter To My Ex-Wife In The World Changing Business (Or You don’t have to be beautiful…but it helps)

February 28, 2009

Dear favorite ex-wife who spends her time trying to change the world:

No matter what happens in our next 50 years, you know no will love you more than me. And I respect more than anyone the things you are trying to do.

If it wasn’t for people like you the world would never have the opportunity to be as great as it could be.

But I want to be sure you know what’s really going on.

And how the world really works.


An Open Letter To Peter Kafka (Or The Gangster Rappers Guide To The New Music Future)

October 15, 2007


I don’t go to church, (I try to stay out of God’s way) but my mind was still forced into a mind-numbing Hell when I happened to find an article by Peter Kafka that claims “Big Music”(his words, not mine) is far from dead.

Having written the obituary for Major Music Labels years ago (at least in my head) I thought I would skip my Monday morning meditation session to explain the world to Mr. Kafka.

You’re invited to look in.


Blogs, The Bible, And Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wife (The Tuesday Morning Remix)

August 8, 2006

Janet goes topless, again.


Why Om Malik and CNN Don’t Matter (Or The Importance Of The Nigerian Movie Industry)

August 7, 2006

In-between taking pictures of chicks and actually drinking Chartreuse I spent an hour at WordCamp listening to Om Malik talk about blogs and journalism.

Now Om is a smart guy. We talked briefly before he spoke about the current web 2.0 noise and the way to make interesting videocasts. He won’t let me quote him but his observations are spot on.

But maybe one of the many Apple laptops fell on his head before he decided to to talk about blogs and journalism.

Here’s what he said “…if Bloggers are going to be taken seriously as journalists they have to follow the same rules of legwork and research that journalists follow.”

Let’s be real.

That is a load of crap. (more…)