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World War III: What’s In It For You (Or Why The World Feels Like The Voice Of Nina Simone)

July 23, 2006

As we wait for World War Three to pop off I thought I would talk for a few minutes about what we should really be concerned about.

War is scary, even if it’s happening a million miles away. We are all so connected that ‘the butterfly effect’ is real. My country, like your country, will get dragged into this potential Armageddon and a melancholy Nina Simone vibe.

But War doesn’t scare as me as much as what else is happening.

The systematic failure of all our institutions.


Because 50% Of Marriages Fail Because Of Gayness (Or Why I took Down The Pictures Of Angelina Jolie’s Kid)

June 10, 2006

I have no respect for the law.


The Answer Sheet

May 11, 2006


What are you betting on?