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Motown meets HipHop mashup

August 29, 2007

┬áJay-Z feat. Marvin Gaye “Girls Lets Get It On”

The Labor Day Remix

September 3, 2006

Productivity is up because you bag your own groceries.

Wages are down so you can post profits in your 401k.

Everything is really about the work.

Even this remix:


The Takeover (or The Death Of The Geek or Who Will Be Running The Internet Next)

July 13, 2006

On his classic album Jay-Z wrote a song called The Takeover where he dissed Nas and announced his title as the real king of all things rap.

It was a classic song.

Well the Takeover is being sung again.

and this time the geeks are getting dissed.


Links (The Morning Remix hangover edition)

July 5, 2006

yeah, my head hurts. Too much barbecue…


RIAA to sue lipsyncers (Really) And Other Dumb Music News (the thursday music remix)

June 15, 2006


In what has to be the dumbest business move since the record industry started suing downloaders, the RIAA is now sending Cease and Desist letters to kids who are lipsyncing songs on YouTube. Who, for the sake of God, is running the major music industry?


Daily Remix (Celebrity Edition)

May 17, 2006

Condoleezza Rice's 10 favorite songs.


Nothing But Music (or Skype is doing what?!? or why hiphop is more popular than rock music)

April 26, 2006

Skype, the web-based phone service, has a deal from Warner Music Group to sell music on Skype's music store. Which music store? This one. If you're wondering how this would work, ZDNet has a blog post that explains some scenarios. (via Coolfer)

Why folks are talking about Morningwood.


Below is a hip-hop adaptation of the movie, "Trading Places," starring President S. "Jay-Z" Carter, as Eddie Murphy's character Billy Ray Valentine, and Draze takes on Dan Aykroyd's character Winthorpe. Beyonce appears as Penelope. It's hot. (you can read an interview with it's creator here.)