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Tagworld and the social networking lottery (or How much more do we get for having a cool music feature?)

March 28, 2006


Have you visited Tagworld, yet. Some changes have been made…

You don't have to log in to use their Music Discovery Engine. Just goto and enter a band you like. It will then play songs from that band and other similar artists. Way Cool.

And Everclear and The Pet Shop Boys have made it into the lineup meaning I've been listening for the past hour…(currently playing: My Little Underground by The Jesus and Mary Chain)

Seeing that Facebook is looking for two Billion dollars (Scott, to save you the trouble, here's a Facebook horror story)  I'm sure Fred and the Tagworld gang will be collecting paychecks soon.

Visit it before they get bought out by Pepsico!


Jeremy Wright Talks Value

February 14, 2006


You have a huge network. What are you doing to keep your network stronger than your writers, i.e. What is the value proposition behind your network? 

Jeremy Wright (arguably the blogosphere’s best drummer)  answers: